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In Memory of Karol Baron

Pálffy Palace (show Contact)
19. 9. 2006 - 22. 10. 2006
Curator: Ivan Jančár

Karol Baron

13.9.1939 – 29.1.2004

Karol Baron was a sensitive preceptor of those stories in which can be found at least a sign of bizarreness or absurdity, which he could famously connect into absolutely new relationships and add to them the real point of a surreal artwork.

In the years 1990 – 1993, when he already had made with his characteristic handwriting not only a lot of works of art, collections or cycles, but also a whole world of its own with its strange citizens /Somnambulists and Cynics extra muros, Homunculs, Mutants, Gryphs, Scyllas and Thumblogoids, Nosed-ones and many others, connected from human, vegetal and also from technical parts/ he creates the cycle Paraphrases. Although he does not reach here for authors whose artistic expressions are closer to his – medieval authors with creation full of mystics and mystery, he turns to artworks with strong symbolism.

This cycle is comprised from six artworks which had quite different inspirational backing; Botticelli’s Venus, St. Sebastian, Bird Phoenix, Barbie, Albert’s wandering hand and Metaphysical Paradox. Baron installed here some kind of a theatre which it is possible to enter and become a part of the performance.

This cycle of artworks was already exhibited in 2001 in the City Gallery of Bratislava. After the tragic death of Karol Baron in Paris on 29 January 2004 his wife Soňa Baronová gratefully decided to give it as a gift to GMB. That is why we allow ourselves with owing and with a memory onto a wonderful person and a great artist to exhibit this cycle once more.

GMB, Pálffy’s Pallace. 19.9. 2006.

Ivan Jančár


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